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Remote Monitoring Systems area very used nowadays for many applications like smart environment or domotic. Nevertheless these systems do not perform any kind of action. They only sense the environment gathering information to a remote unit for successive processing or statistical analysis. Here the key concept is actuation which allows to directly interact with the sensed and monitored area. The acquired data are directly used to take decisions and change the environment accordingly.
Smart environment, cooperative systems, supported agriculture.

Energy Saving

Apple Orchard

ELEDIA prototype of wireless sensors for smart farming

Members of the ELEDIA Research Center have developed an actuation system specifically thought to assist the growing of an apple orchard. In particular different sensors have been used to sense some parameters identified to be the key ones for taking decisions regarding the amount of water to irrigate the trees. The above mentioned parameters are humidity, temperture and tree diamenter. In addition humidity and temperature are acquired at different depth in the ground. The main feature of the proposed suystem are:

  1. water saving;
  2. autonomy and self-government;
  3. ease of use thaks to a graphical interface.

The experimental activity carried out for this specific project can be easily applied to many different scenarios. The collected data have to be correctly managed and processed in order to perform the desired actuation.


Closed-Loop Control Strategy "Sensing-Processing-Actuation"

Keywords: Actuation, Smart Environment, Assisted Agriculture.

Additional Material

AGRI-WSN Project
Season Project

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