New ELEDIA@UniTN Website
The new ELEDIA@UniTN website is available at www.eledia.org/eledia-unitn   This website has been discontinued, please refer to the new website.

Research at ELEDIA aims at developing innovative solutions to challenges in electromagnetic direct and inverse scattering, microwave imaging, optimization techniques, wave propagation in presence of nonlinear media, wireless communications and applications of electromagnetic fields to telecommunications, medicine and biology.
ELEDIA’s research efforts are enhanced through creative collaborations with leading research institutes and laboratories around the world. Compiled here are just some of the ELEDIA research lines currently under development.


    Evolutionary Algorithms System-by-Design Interval Analysis Compressive Sensing Learning-by-Example Methods Fuzzy Logic Analytic Techniques Deterministic Strategies for Combinatorial Problems Large-Scale EM Modeling
Next Generation Wireless Communications Time Modulation

Smart Antennas

Multiband and Wideband Antennas

3G/4G Radio Planning
    Direction-of-Arrival Estimation Multiband antennas

DoA Estimation

Radio Network Analysis
  3G/4G Troubleshooting  

3G/4G Radio Coverage Analysis

Satellite System

Secure, Clean, and Efficient Energy

Smart Electrical Grids 

Wireless Energy Transmission

        Energy Efficiency and Power Management      
Security Cooperative Robotics       Subsurface Imaging and Detection

Crowd Tracking


Through-the-Wall Imaging
  Road Security   EM Modeling of Vast Areas
Advanced Materials Metamaterial Engineering       Biological Tissues Modeling        
Biotechnologies, Health, and Wellbeing Biomedical Imaging     Compressive Inverse Scattering Healthcare Monitoring and Tracking        
Space       Sparse Array Synthesis     Thinned Arrays

Multifunction Arrays
Compromise Arrays

Radar Arrays
Sustainable Agricolture and the Bio-Economy Water Management       RADAR Systems for Precision Agricolture Distributed Monitoring and Actuation      
Smart, Green, and Integrated Transport               Radar architectures and algorithms  
Advanced Manufacturing and Processing Design of Microwave Components

Planning in Industrial Areas
              EM Modeling of Industrial Environments
Climate Action and Environment        

Exposure Assessment

Landslide Monitoring