ELEDIA Turns 20!
ELEDIA Turns 20! It was back in October-November 2000 that the ELEDIA brand began to circulate in an official form…
ELEDIA Artificial Intelligence Research Blog is online!
The ELEDIA Artificial Intelligence Research Blog (E-AIR Blog) has been launched! Check out our latest advancements on Artificial Intelligence as applied…
Dr. R. J. MAILLOUX awarded "Bruno Kessler" Honorary Professor
The ELEDIA Research Center is pleased to announce that Dr. Robert J. MAILLOUX will receive the title of Honorary Professor…
Antennas for Wireless Communications
Category: Master Degree

The course presents the fundamental principles of antennas in electromagnetic engineering and describes the main parameters for characterizing antenna systems for wireless communications, also providing the basic knowledge of the strategies for the design of antenna arrays. The course covers theoretical aspects as well as the most challenging applications for a telecommunication engineer. The course consists in lectures, interactive computer aided simulations.

Topics: 4

Course Topics