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Inverse Problems and Optimization
Category: Master Degree

The course will review fundamentals and main issues of inverse problems then focusing on classical/state-of-the-art and recently introduced inverse solution procedures and algorithms and their use through a professional optimization framework. Applicative examples including exercises will corroborate the theoretical concepts. The first part is devoted to introduce the students to the concept of inverse problems and to their general formulation. The second part reviews the mathematical issues of inverse problems and the third part is aimed to teach the strategies to overcome such drawbacks. The last part presents how to deal with the solution of inverse problems through optimization methodologies. In short, the course attendees will:

  1. learn about the basics of inverse problems;

  2. enhance their background on inverse problems;

  3. know about state-of-the art inversion algorithms;

  4. be informed about leading edge and more recent advances in inversion methods;

  5. use of professional optimization tools for the solution of inverse problems..

Topics: 4

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