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Interagire con gli spazi in cui viviamo
An innovative indoor localization methodology of people and devices developed by ELEDIA Research Center. Alessandro Polo won Yarman-Carlin student award.
UNITRENTOMAG - Gennaio 2016
Smartsensor a Povo, ELEDIA scansa i caprioli
Interview of the Wireless Systems and Devices team of the ELEDIA Research Center, among the ongoing activities, also the monitoring system MARGINE under testing in the territory of the Province of Trento.
L'Adige - Novembre 2014
European School of Antennas
The first issue of COST MiMed Newsletter speaks about the European School of Antennas (ESoA) Training School "Microwave Imaging and Diagnostics: Theory, Techniques, and Applications" organized by the ELEDIA Research Center.
COST MiMed Newsletter - September 2014
Public Lighting and power saving
Trento smart city thanks to wireless technologies developed by the ELEDIA research center of the University of Trento.
Knowtransfer - July 2014
The Sirena project by ELEDIA
Prof. A. Massa has been awarded the Senior Digiteo Chair with the SIRENA Project, which is concerned with the development of advanced methodologies and technologies for the non-invasive diagnosis of complex structures.
Corriere del Trentino - July 2014
Wireless system for public lighting
ELEDIA presents the results of the energy savings obtained in April 2014 thanks to the wireless system for remote public lighting control (TEW-IP project).
Corriere del Trentino - July 2014
Low cost lighting with remote-controlled lamps
ELEDIA presenting in press conference the first results of energy saving given by the TEW-IP system.
L'Adige - July 2014
Andrea Massa invited by Fernando Las Heras at the University of Oviedo
Prof. Massa invited by Prof. Las Heras at the University of Oviedo to speak about evolutionary optimization algorithms in electromagnetics.
La Nueva Espana - June 2014
Wireless technologies and culture: how sensors and museums interact
Museum applications of the wireless technologies developed by ELEDIA.
Cittadini di Twitter - May 2014
Wildlife-vehicle collisions, solutions to this increasing problem
Wireless technologies developed by ELEDIA applied to the prevention of wildlife-vehicle road collisions.
Trentino - August 2012
Green technologies for energy saving
Systems, devices, and smart methodologies for energy-saving developed by ELEDIA.
Periodico Knowtransfer Unitn - April 2012
Our students working in Vodafone to design basestations
The experience of a recent graduate, from the thesis at the ELEDIA laboratories to a job position in Vodafone Italy.
Unitn Magazine - December 2011
New applications with wireless networks
The wireless signals to monitor the activities of the elderly and disabled people. The system designed by ELEDIA is not invasive and have low impact on patients.
La Nuova Periferia - 20 July 2011
Science and research in Trentino
Technological innovation applied to the precision agriculture. A wireless sensor network developed by ELEDIA to optimize agricultural production and water saving.
RAI - SPOT TV - 15 June 2011
Wireless energy from the space
The wireless power transmission from space against the energy crisis. ELEDIA speaks at the "Festival delle Città Impresa" in Rovereto, Trento.
NOVA - Il Sole 24 Ore - 27 May 2010
ELEDIA students awarded in USA
ELEDIA young researchers design broadband antennas and win the "Honorable mention student paper" in San Diego, California, at the AP-S Symposium.
L'Adige - 27 July 2008
Wireless sensors to monitor apple and ice
Wireless technologies for distributed monitoring are being studied in laboratories ELEDIA, first experiments on the territory are related to apple and ice monitoring.
L'Adige - 5 March 2007