New ELEDIA@UniTN Website
The new ELEDIA@UniTN website is available at www.eledia.org/eledia-unitn   This website has been discontinued, please refer to the new website.
The 2016 edition of the school  is organized by Innov’COM (Sup’Com, Tunisia) and CEDRIC (CNAM, France) laboratories and will be held at Tunis Grand Hotel (5 stars) in Tunis (Tunisia) from January 21st to January 23rd, 2016.
ISW-5G scopes on advanced Waveforms for 5G Networks. It gives an overview on 5G communications challenges and promising research avenues. Nowdays, several research works are investigating new waveforms to overcome the limitations of the OFDM modulation adopted in the latest 4G wireless communication systems. Recent achievements in the very important and vivid research area devoted for future waveforms based multicarrier systems will be discussed in this school.
ISW-5G provides a good opportunity to share ideas, experiences, perspectives and insights with researchers and industrials. For further information regarding the registration aspects, you are kindly invited to visit the website on: www.supcom.mincom.tn/isw5g2016.
The school flyer is available here.