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The ELEDIA Research Center announces the first "International Workshop on Metamaterials-by-Design: Theory, Methods, and Applications to Communications and Sensing" which will be held at Paris-Saclay (Paris) on December 3-4 2015.
The workshop, which is organized by the ELEDIA Research Center, will involve several international experts, both from Europe and from America, and will be aimed at presenting a comprehensive overview of the latest advances and emerging trends in the theory, methods, and the Communications and Sensing applications of the Material-by-Design paradigm, and it will highlight the current status and the envisaged frontiers in this research area.

The workshop will feature both oral presentations and poster sessions. Selected papers will be published on a Special Issue of the EPJ Applied Metamaterials Journal.

The website of the event with more info about call-for-papers, registration, deadlines, and partecipations is available at www.2015-metamaterials-workshop.eu.

This workshop is sponsored by EMERALD and DIGITEO under the "Call for Proposals 2015".