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Today, Wednesday, April 15th, 2015:

-          Invited Speakers Özlem A. Çivi, Andrea Massa, Daniel Sievenpiper and Kathleen Melde, from 15:00 onwards, will provide in depth perspectives on reconfigurable reflectarrays, compressive sensing, artificial impedance surfaces, and on-chip antennas.
-          The technical tour to the Portuguese Navy’s HF Transmitter Site departs at 14h00 from the Conference Centre.
-          Attend the Scientific Workshop “AMTA Workshop – Measurement Techniques for Multi-beam Antennas”, at 15h00.
-          Attend the Industrial Workshop “Application of Numerical Techniques to the Solution of Practical Antenna Problems with FEKO”, at 11h10.
-          Attend the Industrial Workshop “CST Workshop: Advanced Antenna System Simulation”, at 14h00.
-          If you already have a ticket (my apologies, but it’s sold out), enjoy the banquet, which includes some awards and “fado”.

Corrections to program:
-          The information on the Industrial Workshop “CST Workshop: Advanced Antenna System Simulation” is incorrect in the Programme.  Instead of Thursday, the workshop will be held tomorrow, at 14h00.  The correct abstract of this workshop is given in the end of this email.  Our sincere apologies to CST.

Weather forecast:
-          Mostly sunny, but with scattered showers during the day.  Maximum temperature near 20 degrees Celsius.

-          Use the app to provide your feedback on the conference.  We’re really looking forward your comments and suggestions.
-          Per-Simon Kildal is giving for free 300 copies of his book (Foundations of Antenna Engineering – A Unified Approach for Line-Of-Sight and Multipath).  You can pick them at Bluetest and ESoA booths during coffee breaks and poster sessions.

Abstract of CST Workshop:
-          Simulation is well established as an essential part of the design of modern antenna systems. With its “Complete Technology” and “System Assembly and Modeling” approaches, CST offers state-of-the-art technology to simulate not only the electromagnetic properties, but also the full circuit and system behavior with incomparable speed and flexibility. This workshop will consist of various application examples and live demonstrations. All aspects of the antenna design workflow will be discussed, from making the right choice of antenna type and its initial dimensioning, through choosing the optimal solver technology, to optimizing the antenna performance for a specific application. The workshop will conclude with a look at the new features of the upcoming version CST MICROWAVE STUDIO® 2015.


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