New ELEDIA@UniTN Website
The new ELEDIA@UniTN website is available at www.eledia.org/eledia-unitn   This website has been discontinued, please refer to the new website.

The ELEDIA Research Center announces that Dr. G. Oliveri has been elected as the new Chair of the North Italy Joint Chapter of the IEEE AP Society, IEEE ED Society, and IEEE MTT Society.
The Chapter, which is part of the IEEE Italy Section, is a professional organization that links over 450 members working in the areas of Antennas & Propagation, Electron Devices, and Microwave Theory & Techniques. The main objective of the IEEE AP/ED/MTT North Italy Chapter is the promotion of the interactions among the Academic Staff, the Students, and the Industries working in the above fields.

More information can be found at www.ieee-apedmtt.it