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Nowadays Energy Efficiency and Power Management are two topics very discussed, in particular because the price of energy increases continuosly, and is a commodity of primary importance. Power management allow the control and monitoring of devices and appliances, the use of optimization for energy saving, to have a real-time smart pricing and peak load curtailment. To this end, continuous power monitoring to provide energy efficiency has to be implemented by means of innovative technologies, in order to have a low cost system easy to deploy and use.
Residential and Industrial Scenarios (Home, Universities, Schools, Hotels, Factories, etc.)

Smart Plug for Power Metering


Distributed Monitoring of Appliances

Members of the ELEDIA Research Center implemented a domotic application for the Power Monitoring that permitt to have a collection and aggregation of diagnostic info about power consumption and additional functionalities. This system has the advantages of distributed sensing using an innovative technology like Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs). This technology allow the system:

  1. to be not infrastructured, this permit to have less cost to deploy and mantain active the system;
  2. be able to have a continious real-time monitoring af all the appliances;
  3. be able to show the state of the appliance on a Graphical User Interface;
  4. be able to permit the user to interact with the Network;

Research activities in the field of Energy Efficiency and Power Management have been mainly focused on the processing of the information about the energy consumption, using Optimization Algorithms in order to avoid waste of energy, minimizing the total energy consumption. Moreover, ad-hoc Optimization Algorithms are used also to minimize the cost of energy, by concentrate the use of appliances of a building in the time slot of the day where the energy is more economic.


Wireless Architecture of a Residential Deployment

Keywords: Smart grids, Power Management, Smart Buildings, Energy Efficiency, Wireless Sensor Network, Distributed Power Metering

Recent Projects

  • Project "Edifici a Zero Consumo Energetico in Distretti Urbani Intelligenti (EEB)", Bando Ministero dell'Istruzione, dell'Universita' e della Ricerca, Cluster Tecnologici Nazionali, Tecnologie per le Smart Communities, CTN01_00034, Contact Point Prof. Andrea Massa, 2014-2016.
  • Project "Sviluppo di moduli software del coordinatore Zigbee e di un bundle OSGi per il profilo energy@home operante su home gateway ADB", ADB Broadband, Coordinator Prof. Andrea Massa, 2011.

See Also

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  • ELEDIA Research Center, Demo "Smart Energy Management" for energy peak load reduction through game theory. Available in Demo Gallery.