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Cooperative Robotics is a topic very discussed in the scientific community, because this type of systems can give the possibility to explore, in a remote way, a dangerous area where the human presence could be very hazardous. The connection of a robotic platform with a Wireless Sensor Network's (WSN) node, give to every robot the possibility to communicate with the other robot of the system, so that they can cooperate to find the goal of the system in a better way and with less time. A Cooperative Robotics system can be used to explore an area, search a target in this area, create a map, ecc... The integration of Optimization Technics in the system gives more autonomy and more reliability to the Robotics Platform, by improving the calculation made by every robot of the system.
Monitoring and research in a dangerous environment.

Swarm Of Bees

Robot Swarm

Robotic Platform Developped
Members of the ELEDIA Research Center have developed an innovative Robot Swarm able to find, in a research area without the presence of any infrastructure, the zone where a parameter monitored assumes his maximum value, and report it to an external pc-host. The swarm is composed by more robots that cooperate to find the area with the maximum value of the monitored parameter. The movement of the robots are controlled by a Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) algorithm, an optimization algorithm that follow the logic of how a swarm of bee reach the area where there is more flowers in a grass. The research activities carried out in this area have been focused on the improvement of the movement and the autonomy of the robot in order to reach the solution of the problem in the best way. Moreover, the study and the implementation of other type of robot swarm's strategy in order to enlarge the goal of the system, for example using the sensors mounted in this robot in order to create a map of the research area.


Fitness Progression During the PSO


Position of Pbest and Gbest During the PSO's Iterations

Keywords: Robot Swarm, Wireless Sensor Network, Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO)

See Also
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