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Subsurface sensing through electromagnetic interrogating waves has been widely employed in the last few years in applications such as mine detection, archeological analysis, natural resources exploration, and NDE/NDT of structures and pavements. Nevertheless, real-time reliable processing techniques able to automatically detect relevant features in electromagnetic backscattered data are still not available, because of the inherent complexity of the problem at hand. Accordingly, the development of inverse scattering techniques specifically targeted at the detection of subsurface anomalies (e.g., landmines) is of great interest.
Landmine detection, Earth Science, environmental remediation, archeological analysis, geophysical investigation.





Members of the ELEDIA Research Center have developed several techniques for the detection and classification of buried object based on the learning-by-example paradigm. More specifically, the study, derivation, and testing of inverse scattering approaches based on Support Vector Machines (SVM) has been carried out in order to enable the real-time classification of multiple buried targets and determination of the probability of occurrence of relevant objects in the investigation domain.


Keywords: Subsurface Imaging, Support Vector Machines, Learning-by-Example Techniques, Inverse Scattering Problem, Pattern Classification.

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