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is Honorary Professor "Bruno Kessler" of the University of Trento and member of the ELEDIA Research Center. He is Professor at the University Federico II of Napoli (Italy), Distinguished Visiting Scientist at Jet Propulsion Laboratory (USA), lecturer at Top-Tech Master of Delft University (The Netherland). He has been Fulbright Scholar and Research Associate at Caltech, Adjunct Professor at University of California Los Angeles (USA) for 16 years, Visiting Professor at the University of Illinois and UCLA, at the Somali University (Somalia), at the University of Santiago de Compostela (Spain). He is Life Fellow of IEEE and Member of the Electromagnetic Academy. He is author of over 180 (peer reviewed) papers on Journals of recognized standard and ten books, and recipient of several awards, culminated with the gold medal from the President of the Italian Republic for his achievements in culture and science (2000), and elevation to the grade of Officer of the Italian Republic (2001).

His most recent recognitions are the prestigious 2007 IEEE GRS-S Distinguished Achievement Award: For outstanding research in Electromagnetics, Propagation, Remote Sensing and Information Data Processing, that correctly describes his scientific research interests; and the 2008 Schelkunoff Prize (IEEE, AP-Society), for the best paper published on the Transactions, assigned to him for the second time.

Mail To: giorgio.franceschetti[at]unitn.it, giorgio.franceschetti[at]eledia.org