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Electromagnetic Compatibility
Category: Master Degree

Starting from the concepts of electromagnetic fields and of radiation phenomena, the course provides the students with the methodologies necessary for the analysis and the solution of interference phenomena. This kind of knowledge is of great importance for designers and quality engineers involved in the development of electrical and electronic products. The electromagnetic compatibility of an electric/electronic product or system is a common requirement both from a functional point of view but also from a legal point of view. As a matter of fact, each electric or electronic product before to be placed in the market must be tested in order to verify its compliance to requirements of protection from interference phenomena. Nowadays, not only American or European market but every market in the world requires the compliance of electric and electronic products to specific electromagnetic compatibility standards. In Europe the compliance of a product to electromagnetic compatibility requirements (and to all relevant Directives) is confirmed by the well-known CE mark. This is true for several applicative areas where electromagnetic compatibility is considered one of the main issues. In the course also some concepts about the electromagnetic compatibility between environmental electromagnetic sources (like radio base stations or radio and TV broadcasting systems) and exposed people, will be given. The didactic content of the course can be integrated with some experimental activities related to the electromagnetic compatibility testing of a product and the measurement of environmental electromagnetic fields.

Topics: 4

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