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Healthcare systems require new technologies and services in order to provide high quality of life for elderly people with affordable costs. Towards this end, instruments able to continuously monitor the health status in a non-invasive way have to be implemented. In this framework, a fundamental objective is represented by the capability to allow independent living through automatic activity recognition and detection of anomalies in human behaviors.
Ambient Assisted Living Apartments, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Rehabilitation Centers

Healthcare Monitoring

Warning Detection

Patient Position Monitoring

Activity Estimation

Members of the ELEDIA Research Center implemented the concept of passive healthcare monitoring exploiting the theoretical background of the inverse scattering theory and the advantages of distributed sensing through pervasive wireless infrastructures like wireless sensor networks (WSNs). The proposed monitoring approaches avoid the use of active and wearable devices thus reducing the system complexity and invasiveness. Elderly people and patients will benefit of the following passive monitoring characteristics:

  1. continuous activity monitoring that provides the user with versatility, safety and privacy;
  2. real-time detection of anomalies and warning signal transmission to a remote control unit;
  3. reduced system maintenance and complexity thanks to the absence of wearable sensors.

Research activities in the field of Healthcare monitoring have been mainly focused on the exploitation of information available through the widely diffused wireless infrastructures in order to provide simple and reliable monitoring services. The proposed procedures and algorithms have been verified both in controlled environments as well as in experimental test-beds.


Keywords: Healthcare, Ambient Assisted Living, Passive Monitoring, Activity Estimation, Wireless Sensor Networks

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